Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to make a Fairy dress from a plastic bag

I don't have a daughter of my own. I am very lucky to have the 2 amazing boys that I have and not a day goes by that I don't think about how grateful I am to play with Lego's and color in Transformer coloring books. But I feel overwhelmed with the love that I feel for the daughters in my neighborhood who are not my own, but whom I love as if they were. I love the parents who welcome my boys into there homes and let there children come to play and visit in mine. There is something so beautiful about the power of a good and caring community that continues to provide hope for a future nation, where children who have had the opportunity to have fulfilling childhoods will grow with minds full of imaginations and problem-solving skills to tackle the issues that the future will hold. Memories that they can hold on to so they can face the world with confidence ready to take on all the needs and demands of society with wells full of hope and love for others. Knowing that they can re-create the same type of environment that they grew up in, but on a larger scale. Believing in the possibilities of the Future, moving forward with a beautiful vision of they way things can be. It is our responsibility to provide them with that. I am so glad I live someplace where we do.

This all began with Delaney and Derek in my kitchen talking about Dragons. I took out the garbage bag under the sink and wondered if I could make a fairy dress out of it. I have seen pictures of black garbage bags turned into dresses by some kids in a magazine. White was much prettier.

Delaney was a willing participant, with her own ideas of how to make the bag work. We used the first one to cut holes for head and arms in the top.
Then we started shredding them for strands and tied them all over the dress. We made a belt around her waist and poked holes along the neck line and added more.
I cut one garbage bag into 3 long strips and braided real flowers into it and then tied it around her head.
She makes such a pretty fairy.


Anonymous said...

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Greg & Andrea said...

Love the fairy pics. You have the best ideas!