Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry's Final Stand

We had the biggest Harry Potter Block Party ever! Since we have our own charter of Hogwarts in the neighborhood we decided to show our support and stand with Harry one last time!

Each wizard received a scroll written in invisible ink (white crayon) with a note attached that read: To reveal the secret message, you must paint the scroll with wizards blood, or a few drops of food coloring in some water works too.

The note just read: Calling all wizards, stand with us! Hogwarts (address) (time and date)
Since I was in charge of Slytherin, I didn't get all the photos I wanted so I will still try to recap as best I can.We started at Diagon Alley and made wands with thin dowels and wooden beads glued on the handle part, with colored smaller beads in betweenThere was also Berti Botts candy Shop where wizards got every-flavored beans.
A few Death Eaters showed up, but they were reformed and ended up helping in potions class
There were quite a few celebrities who arrived...Luna Lovegood, and Professor Trelawney to name a few...
Wizards also made spell books, that were already bound together, they just needed to add a back and a front with card stock and decorate them. There was a page for autographs, and some pages for photos that parents could download from facebook later. There were also pages to glue directions for potions that they would get in potions class.Then we moved on to Ravenclaw to be sorted.The 4 houses were in the sorting hat on folded card stock and each student sat on the stool and I shook the hat over their heads until one of the slips of folded card stock came out with the house name on it.The the wizards colored card stock ties with elastic around the neck the same colors as their house colors. Gryffindor: Red and Gold/ Ravenclaw: Blue and Bronze/ Slytherin: Silver and Green/ Hufflepuff: Yellow and Black

Then we moved to Slytherin. I made signs like this for all 4 of the Hogwarts Houses
Potions class consisted of making Oobleck: 2 parts cornstarch, 1 part water, with a little food coloring mixed in. And Soda Potions with mentos. Any kind of soda concoction you can think of, with a little mentos thrown in.Did I mention Hermonie and Harry were there?Oobleck looks like this
Drink Potions

Then it was off to Hufflepuff House to make the giant spiderweb.After 2 hours of fun, we were finally headed off to Gryffindor for Transfiguration class with body paint and water fun.

It was the best Harry Potter Premier Part EVER!!! Cant wait to see Deathly Hallows 2.2! What a way to Celebrate!!!!!

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Greg & Andrea said...

Even though I'm not into all the Harry Potter stuff I half to say What a Party! That looks like so much fun and I can't believe you put all that together! You are such a wonderful mom.