Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's ON!!!

Taking cupcake pops to a whole new level...Jacquie and Hannah, my sweet BYU nieces came over to make cupcake pops And being the creative geniuses that they are, they took cupcake pops to a whole new level. Even Bakerella herself would be proud. In fact I am going to have to send her a few photos of these. It started with Mario Mushrooms, and then each cupcake pop became more creative and elaborate than the last. Jacquie's pot of gold... The owl and the penguin... But I have to say...the winner of the night, was....HANNAH'S EVA!!!!!
But Jacquie, I love all of yours too!


Laura said...

Mmm cake pops/ cake bites are the best!!!

Greg & Andrea said...

Those are super cute. I'm very impresses with all the ideas they came up with.