Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ninja Birthday

Derek The NinjaInvitations
Ninjago Cake and Cupcakes--Made from Pretzles and Chocolate. The top of the Dojo is chocolate. I had to support it with Graham Cracker pillars in the back, and fill the cake with melted chocolate where the pretzles went in to hold them up.

Meet The other Ninjas!

And the littlest Ninja
Travis taught the Ninjas in Training to make Origami Throwing Stars, and how to play Ninja Warrior
Clint played Ninja Warrior too

The last two standing for Ninja Warrior face off
Derek insisted on Pin the Sword on the Ninja
And he got lots of Legos, and Ninjago stuff too
A better shot of my cake...it was late and so the photography is not to good
I made these cupcake toppers from priniting off a poster from the Lego website and then used my square punch to clip them out and mount them on paper...
I wonder where that square punch is now...

6 years old!
My little Ninja

And Grandma and Grandpa Rawlins were able to come all the way from Michigan! Thanks to Aunt Shelli!
This really was one of the greatest Birthdays Ever!!!


Cheryl said...

Absolutely darling and fun! Thanks for posting! So creative, love the cake!

hillary said...

I'm working on a ninja/ninjago party for my son & I stumbled upon your blog when I saw your invites on Pinterest. They're very cute! I was just wondering how you did the ninja masks/hoods for your party guests? Is it the classic black tshirt or did you make them another way? Or buy them?
j h divis @ gmail . com