Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five Dollars

"I thought you said you had 'eight' dollars" I yelled at Jeff. Irritated that we were going to have to get back in the car and go find an ATM. "No," Jeff replied. "I said 'A' dollar". This is nothing new. Whenever I attempt to go to the temple, nothing ever works out. Today was no exception. Neither one of us have temple clothes that fit. We would have to rent a dress and suit. We needed a few dollars. We started to go back into the car. I got in and noticed Jeff talking to someone in a car that stopped behind ours. I thought it was just someone he knew. I waited, looking at my clock on my cell phone. This was going to be much longer than I had expected. What else is new?
Jeff came to my side of the car and opened my door. "That lady just stopped and noticed that we were getting back into the car and asked if there was something she could do to help...I told her we forgot to bring some cash for clothes, she just gave me five dollars...I tried to get her info so I could pay her back...but she insisted that we just keep it."

I felt completely unworthy, and grateful at the same time. I was determined to not feel unworthy, since that is what I always struggle with when I come to the temple. I have recently come to realize that it has to do with my pride. I tried to shrug all of my self-centered and insecure feelings off before I entered. I tried really hard to replace them with gratitude. I almost started crying when the cute and sweet little Japanese man at the entrance took my recommend and said "Sister Bingham, Welcome to the Temple."

I got dressed and went up to the chapel to wait for Jeff. He was taking awhile, so I felt like I should really go back out to see if he was waiting for me downstairs. I went to the seating area outside the dressing room, and there were 3 temple workers around this little lady who seemed a little distressed. They told her to sit down, and huddled together away from her, talking in whispers, trying to work something out. I tried not to look like I was interested, and sat down to wait for Jeff. I tried not to look at the little lady sitting down, but she did catch my eye from across the room and said softly, "espanol?"

"Si", I replied. She clapped her hands and started talking to me in Spanish about how she was from Peru, and her husband was here, she couldn't find him and he may have mis-understood what ordinance they were suppose to do first and she needed to find him, and no one understood where he was and that he didin 't speak english...and no one understood what she was asking...just then the other 3 ladies came over and I was able to tell them what she needed. They found her husband. Then she told me that he needed clothes, and she didn't bring any cash, and she wasn't sure how much it would cost. Just then Jeff came out, and he gave the last 3 dollars from the five that the lady in the parking lot had given us. Miracles all around. Sometimes there just is absolutly no doubt...the church is true, and Heavenly Father is leading us. And it is the little things that mean the most.


Miranda said...

What a sweet sweet story. I read this today at I have to redo my make up thankyouverymuch!! It gave me to good goose chills, so stinkin' sweet. Miracles and blessing...miracles and blessings. You deserve them all. xoxo

Shannon said...

I cried! Beautiful. You will be o.k. Heavenly Father is with you.

Greg & Andrea said...

that is such a sweet story.

The Barbera Brood said...

Okay, so I am STILL crying as I write this.

You said it Rachelle, Heavenly Father is very aware of us personally. All of us in the midst of ALL of our insecurities and doubts seek to find some of that sweetness and peace that you participated in.

Wow, thank you for taking the time to share this post. It made me remember this quote Sean brought home to me last night:

"The more I look at my own life, the more I realize that I don't need very much at all. Then, when I look at all of the things I do have, I'm stunned by all that I have in my life and I don't really feel a need to have any more. In fact, if anything, I feel like having more would be almost overwhelming."

We truly have so many ways we need to be thankful for the blessings and needs that are already met in our life.

I was feeling really down and read your sweet and honest thoughts. It reminds me of the peace I feel when I think of our Savior. Of the peace I can feel because of the whispering of the Holy Ghost and of the sure knowledge I have that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me.

Keep fighting the good fight valiant sister. I love you!