Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Photo by Chelsea
Caption by Wendy
(I am not this smart or talented...but I am related to people who are. My niece took the photo of Derek and posted it on Facebook, and her mom, my sister Wendy wrote the caption. I love both the picture and the words. I wish I had the eye and the mind. I think it's twice as beautiful with the words)

"Wow" she said ... almost in a whisper. And then she listened, too, as the wind rattled over the dry grasses. So still. So quiet. He steadied his gaze and looked again. He hoped to see even a glimpse of it. He sensed it was there. He knew it was coming...very soon. What was he watching for... just there, over the horizon? Is it spring coming yet?... please?..."

When I came upon it last night, it was 3am. Hence the stream of semi- unconsciousness...BUT - I absolutely love this photo! The more I look at it - the more it reveals itself... True ART, Chelsea.This captured moment seems to have a hidden story to it...One small boy's vantage point of warm hued fields, interrupted by stark blue rocks, and a faint glow of late afternoon sun, just there, on the curve of his neck and cheek. ... See MoreHe stands there so singular and perfect, expecting the world to be wonderful, as if he knows something we can't quite see. He makes us believe there is adventure out there beyond rock and grass.Everything about his stance tells us there is magic and wonder in the world.Horizons hold our dreams.
--Wendy Stebar, February 16, 2010

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Don, Windy, and Bode said...

Love it! That is an excellent photo.