Saturday, February 27, 2010

Derek's 5th Birthday Pary, 2010

The night before, Delaney and Mikayla help with the baking.

And sang and danced to the Glee soundtrack

A Lego Cake for the Lego party.

Lego cupcakes--We got the Lego candy from Macey's in the bulk section.The Lego builders. Everyone got a Certificate for their completed Lego Project.

I think this one was Noah's? I think Clint helped him build it. I wish I would have taken pictures of all of the creations. They were all great. Everyone took their Lego project home.

We also painted an ocean scene in honor of the new Lego Atlantis Line.

And we played the "Build Your Own Snowman" Game.

The sonwman buttons *DO* kind of look like lego dots...

Derek got lots of Legos from all his friends. Such a nice party. And such sweet friends. Happy Birthday Derek!!!
His Birthday was January 28...I am a little behind on my blogging.

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Greg & Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Derek! Love the cake and cupcakes. So cool!