Saturday, February 27, 2010


Someone's husband in our family laughs at us because we overuse the word "Beautiful." When the girls in my family get's true...that probably is a word that is thrown out constantly. My sisters and nieces are beautiful, the places they live are beautiful, the things they make are beautiful, the music they listen to is beautiful, the pictures they take are beautiful, their children are beautiful, the movies they watch are beautiful, the words they listen to are beautiful, We have been taught a beautiful gospel and life philosophy that is at the core of who we are, and the feelings we get are beautiful.

I have come to realize that it is not our lack of vocabulary that is the problem. It is that we, when we are together, for some reason, have been taught, either by purpose or by accident, to identify beautiful things...and they are what they are. I have a beautiful family that has always been a beautiful influence in my life. We seek out things that are beautiful and share them with eachother...we focus on them, point them out, dwell on them, try to make them visible and ever present in our own lives...perspective is really what life is all about. Finding beauty in the simplest of things. Finding it everywhere. Allowing yourself to Identify it and feel it. Even if it means you are either crying or laughing all the time. Trying to live a beautiful life. Striving to be beautiful on the inside so that it shows through on the outside. Striving to find lasting beauty that comes from within. The girls in my family understand, even if no one else does...we are all going to try to have beautiful lives. And continue to find the beauty in eachother. To my mom, sisters, and nieces, you are all BEAUTIFUL...and thank you for filling my life with beautiful things! I love you!!!!!

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Greg & Andrea said...

Thank you Aunt Rachel. It is because of people like you that there is beauty in this world. You are beautiful inside and out. :)
P.S. and you made me cry. Big surprise.