Friday, April 24, 2009

Ben 10 Bat Cave

I have not had to play "Bat Cave" with Derek for a few days because the weather has finally been so nice, we have been outside non-stop. Today, however, it was gray and gloomy. We played "Bat Cave" again. "Bat Cave" means I sit on the floor in Derek's room while I play with Batman. Batman takes on the roll of the mom/dad. We usually play by me telling all of the Ben 10 Aliens that it is almost time for bed. We all brush teeth, put PJ's on, have a drink and then get to bed. Derek takes on the roll of all 5 Ben 10 guys. In the morning, Bat Man wakes up the Ben 10 kids, they eat breakfast, get ready for school, and guard the joker and the penguin in the jail cell in the Bat Cave. Occasionally, the bad guys escape in the Batmobile or the jokermobil. And the Ben 10 guys go find them and put them back in the jail cell.
This can go on for hours..... And on some days.....It does.


Ginni said...

Sounds thrilling! You are such a good mom for playing bat cave with him.

Mr Lee said...

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Rachel B said...

Check out how close I can get to Batman with my new camera! I love that thing!