Saturday, December 27, 2008


One of the best things about Christmas is waking up and seeing a lot of presents under the tree first thing in the morning. Santa knows how important this is. The effect of waking up and seeing big boxes with bows. It doesnt really matter what is in them. It is just that first moment that you know Santa thought you were good enough all year to bring you presents! Santa uses big boxes for new t-shirts and socks, he wraps up favortie cereal boxes, and even hot wheel cars come in the big boxes, wrapped in tissue paper inside so it is almost like opening 2 presents in one. And you can usually count on Santa to bring you at least one thing that you are absolutly dying to have. Especially if your list is as long as Clint's. And your mom tells you that you have to narrow the 3 pages down to a top 10 list. And Santa usually can bring you 2 or 3 of those things on your list. Like the new Lego Agents line of Legos, and a new Nintendo DS Game.
Derek was very happy to get some of the things he really wanted. He was dying to get the Bat Cave, and some Ben 10 Aliens. And he was in Heaven...for the first 36 hours. Playing with all of his new and wonderful toys. And then it hit him today...Santa didn't bring him a new Transformer? What -is -up -with -that?!!! "Where is my Transformer??? Santa Clause didn't bring me my Transformer!!!!"---Picture the tears coming, followed by the thrashing and weeping and wailing on the floor---and then the"I Hate Christmas....I Hate Christmas..."Mingled with sobs. Heartbreaking...yeah right. I usually let the Tantrums, that have made a recent re-appearance, just work themselves out. Is this one any diffrent? I admit that he is exhausted...Kids don't sleep much during Christmas vacation, right? Kids and Christmas. The best memories of the whole year!


Greg & Andrea said...

poor little Derek. I can't believe Santa didn't bring him a transformer! Just kidding:) He got plenty of wonderful toys, but I guess that's just part of being a kid to always want more. Christmas is a great time even when there are those little ups and downs that sometimes go along with it.

Lisa said...

I'm sure you felt the same way Rachel, when you found out Santa didn't bring you the Boxed Set Collector's Edition of the Twilight Series.

Rachel B said... that what you got, Lisa?

Laryl said...

I was all ready to leave a comment...and then I read Lisa's comment...and now I'm just laughing. I'm going to have to come back!! (LOVED the post, Rachel)

Shelli said...

Derek is so cute... what a funny story. You are so good about keeping up on your blog, I haven't posted in a while, but I enjoy reading yours.