Saturday, December 20, 2008

Forever-lasting Snowman

Derek and Clint have been very unsatisfied with the snow that we have received so far this year. It has been okay for snowballs, and sledding, but has been the worst snow for building snow people, and forts.

So we had to take matters into our own hands, and make some indoor snowmen. Derek and his best friend Kooy got right to work making the best snow men in the world...the kind that will not melt in the sun...the kind that last forever...and they are not even cold!
I found another use for my Borax!

The compound can only be made with Ivory Soap...I tried it with doesn't work.

And dont use a real carrot for the shriveled up and fell off...I recommend an orange pipe cleaner instead.
The compound is a little hard on your hands...especially when mixing it up...but it dries really nicely, and really looks just like snow!

Click here for Instructions


Miranda said...

These are A.DOR.A.BUL. How clever!!!

Chelsea Stebar said...

Hannah and I both want you to know that we think this is awesome. And these pictures are adorable. :D

Laura said...

Those are some awesome snowmen! Great always!

Ginni said...

Very cute! Love the placement of the nose.

Laryl said...

What a great project. I love that they last forever..and aren't even cold.

Greg & Andrea said...

What a great idea! Those snowman are so cute. much better then the ones you make with real snow.

Shelli said...

So adorable!!!