Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well...Oprah likes him

First of all, I am thrilled that both an African American and a Women were on the ticket. I am grateful to live in a nation that really is seeing people as people for who they are and what the represent

It is no secret that I am a Republican. We have a new President...and he is not a Republican. But as an American, I feel that the office of the President of the United States deserves respect. He is going to be our President. He represents who we are. I have spent the last few days since the election researching some things that I can support him on. It wasn't easy. Some of the issues that are the most important to me, he disagrees with. Some of these things, like Partial-Birth Abortion, which is one of the most horrific and evil practices ever known to man, is currently outlawed by the Supreme Court. So for now, it would be difficult for him to overturn it, regardless of his opinions on the matter.

That being said, these are a few of the things that I can support him on, and I am hopeful that maybe he is right.

I feel the War was necessary. I, however, also hate it. I hate families being torn apart, I hate the hardships that our soldiers have to endure, I hate the causalities of innocent civilians and especially children that have to experience horrible things. But I think horrible actions need to be taken at times. I think it was a difficult decision to make at a time when difficult decisions were needed. I think in the future, more Americans will realize that Bush was a good President.

I hope that maybe through diplomacy, many things can be resolved. I am willing to support Obama in his desire to try a new approach. And I hope and pray that he is successful. But if he is, that does not mean that what Bush did was wrong at the time.

Obama supports the death penalty for certain crimes. So do I.

He says he wants to maintain hunting traditions and would not take guns away. He is backed by both the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

He opposes gay marriage but also opposes a federal constitutional amendment to ban it, as well as a California effort to ban it; supports civil unions. I do support a constitutional amendment to ban it. I have thought about my feelings on this particular issue for a long time. It is not that I am not sympathetic to those who have that type of lifestyle. And I realize that the reasons for the lifestyles are complicated. I believe that it is not as simple as choosing to be gay. I know there are biological, as well as psychological reasons for this lifestyle. But that does not make it right. Even if you take God out of the equation, it is not the way Nature intended us to be. It is deviant from the way our bodies were created. So I do feel the practice is wrong. And should not be condoned. And marriage makes it all the more acceptable. It is not. It is something that should be kept private by the people who choose to live that way. And it violates MY freedom of speech to re-define marriage. But it seems more and more that you really only have Freedom of Speech if you are liberal. Conservatives are not allowed to express themselves. It is VERY unfair.

He Supports gay adoptions--I think older foster children may be able to benefit from this type of situation.

He supports in part President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act
He Believes this law is good in concept but poor in design, funding and implementation
Would rewrite the law, retaining its emphasis on high standards and accountability but offering more help to high-need schools, including training thousands of new teachers to serve in them. Believes the law is good in concept but needs funding and better measurement of student progress.
I think I agree with this.

Obama would strive for universal coverage by establishing a new federal health plan for the uninsured, providing benefits comparable to those offered to federal employees. Premiums would be subsidized for low earners. Eligibility for other public programs — Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan — would be expanded. Mr. Obama also would establish a government exchange that would allow individuals to shop for the new public plan and approved private plans. --I agree all children need to be covered--as well as Veterans, and Seniors. I am not sure how I feel about everything else. There are people who take advantage of Welfare programs.

Agree with Immigration laws--not perfect policy, but the best option that is out there. And something needs to be done.

Obama may be able to help the workers in the auto industry. I hope he can. Being from Detroit, I have witnessed some of mistakes that greedy, selfish and unethical corporations have made that have affected the opportunities of the working Americans. Americans who want to work, who have had jobs ripped away from them so corporations can exploit workers in other countries to make big bucks. I may even have a liberal view on this. We need to help each other in this country by keeping jobs for our workers here. It would benefit us all.

Iran,Iraq, and Afghanistan--I hope he knows what he is doing.

Russia--I have been following the Russian/Georgia conflict, ever since the Olympics. I think America, as the most powerful country in the world, needs to help fledgling democracies. I know America helps. I also know that we are criticised whether we help, or not. Usually help means some kind of military action. The same people complain if we do, and if we don't. I agree in part with Obama that we need our allies to stand up to Russia. If they take Georgia, what will they try to take next? Also, Georgia really stands for something in a part of the world where hope, Democracy, and Freedom don't exist. The leader Mikheil Saakashvili reminds me of an American Founding Father. I have just been so impressed with him and his political philosophy on Democracy. We have to help people and countries like that. I hope and pray we do.

My mind is still just racing. There is so much more I want to say and learn about. The Internet makes knowledge so easy. It is a real goal of mine to become more locally knowledgeable about the politics in my community. When I went to vote, I was a little overwhelmed about all of the state issues that needed to be voted on, and I knew about so few. I skipped the ones I hadn't heard about. But I need to be more knowledgeable about local things.

Is anyone still reading?


Laura said...

Me, I read the whole thing. You are awesome Rachel! I love that you keep up on politics and current events and love when you write about it!! I think it rocks. As much as I didn't want Obama to win- the victory in California with Prop 8 made me feel like it was a good trade off.

Chelsea Stebar said...

I read it all too. And I'm impressed with how much you've really researched into this. You really are my mom's sister... I hardly know anything about politics.

Laryl said...

I read the whole thing..and left a long reply for you on facebook...
Again, good job!

Greg & Andrea said...

I'm so impressed at how you took it upon your self to find out all this information. It is so big of you to find the good in someone you didn't want to win and didn't vote for. You are so amazing. With Greg being in the Army I feel like I have so much more pride in our country regardless of who is in office. So thank you for finding the good in our new President and hopefully he will do some good for all of us.

Lisa said...

okay so I didn't read it all...just being honest. Way to look on the bright side though. My mom is in deep depression over Obama. Maybe I'll send this to her. :o)

Amber said...

THanks for some info I didn't know. Whoever is elected in office, we just have to hope that they can make the best decisions for our country and hopefully not screw it up any more!!!!