Monday, November 10, 2008

NO adult assembly required...

It's pretty amazing what kids can do on their own.

Michael, Clint, Janet and Marion spent their day off last Friday making an amazing snow fort...All by themselves!

Pretty amazing design and even had windows.
I got pretty warm by the afternoon, and of course, it melted mostly that same day. Such is the weather in Utah.
Thanks, guys...for letting Derek and Clint in on the fun!


Laryl said...

Yay for snow and a day off! So fun!!!

Greg & Andrea said...

What a great way to spend a day off from school. THat snow fort is pretty impressive too. Kids get to have all the fun don't they?

Chelsea Stebar said...

Man, that sort of stuff is so much fun. Pando, Jake, and I built an igloo in our back yard last winter. It was so awesome.