Sunday, June 22, 2014

I almost hijacked a facebook friends post....

But decided to move it here since it ended up being so long.  Facebook can be such a hostel place sometimes.  It is so hard to sincerely share opinions and ideas when we are all hiding behind our computer screens where we feel safe and willing to take risks that we often regret.  There are so many hot topics right now, and everyone is weighing in because we all feel safe.  Most of the on-line arguments I see are counter productive and mean spirited.  They are emotionally triggered and that is the place where people are coming from.  People are angry.  People are hurt.  People are protective.  But no one, in my opinion, ever wins an online argument.  And I have watched quite a few over the last few days.  I see a lot of pride on both sides.  Everyone feels that they are right.  Formed opinions are going to stay that way.  We are all just trying harder to prove what we already know.  At the same time, these types of things have helped all of us to be more aware and to form ideas and opinions that become more concrete the more we talk or write about them.  I believe Jesus Christ is the head of the church.  I believe the prophet speaks for him.  I also believe Jesus Christ alone will judge everyone when the time comes.  I do not believe the Ordain Women Movement is sanctioned by God.   I choose to follow the prophet.  I think Kate Kelly's actions are based on pride and disillusionment.  That being said, I feel for them that so many in their movement have been hurt and disregarded by idiots and imperfect people who have made mistakes.  But I see them as a bunch of angry women who just got mad instead of trying to do what they are asking others to do.  Understand.  Because in my opinion they really don't.  And mormon leaders are not "afraid".  It is either the Church of Jesus Christ or it is not.  And we cannot demand or appoint ourselves to make changes so the gospel suits our lifestyle so we feel better about ourselves.  Kate Kelly is not a prophet.  She speaks for herself and the people she represents.  She has appointed herself.  That is not how God works.  THat is the only issue I am willing to take on right now because it's all I feel like I need to take on right now.  BUt I am not willing to judge anyone personally.  ANd I have decided to be kind and empathetic to those who have a different outlook than mine. Because different points of view really have helped me to more perfectly form mine.  But lets just all be nice. 

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