Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scarecrow necklaces

Hot Glue, Raffia, Candy.... We cut the sucker sticks in half and glued them onto the nerds boxes. Hot glued all of the other candy right on to the box, and then tied the raffia around the necks of the suckers. Candace wanted to use beads instead of googly eyes for the eyes...definately much more Scarecrowey
Make sure to tie a raffia bow around the neck to make sure it looks cute instead of like a noose.
Maybe they do look a little like Blair Witch Voodoo dolls...
But they definately taste good!

1 comment:

The Barbera Brood said...

CUTE, CUTE, C U T E !!! (However, the noose effect would truly be in the spirit of some Halloween decorations, eh?)