Thursday, March 18, 2010


St. Patrick's Day was a little wacky this year. It started the night before when Clint almost punched a Leprechaun in the face for putting stickers on him while he was sleeping, and then continued with Derek waking up in the middle of the night probably right after the little guys left and getting upset with all the stickers on his face. So no pictures this year for mom.Morning time was still pretty exciting...except my spin teacher brought shamrock cookies for everyone at spin class and made me take one on the way out. I promised myself I would save it for my kids...but after spin, I am always craving carbs right away and I had only take 2 bites by the time I got home...I tried to talk Clint into eating the rest of it before he left for school...he didn't. So it was sitting on the kitchen counter until 7:30 and Derek still had not woken up... It was gone by the time Derek made it to the kitchen.
There were gold coins under pillows, and all the water and liquid in the house had turned to green.

Derek would not eat any breakfast other than the chocolate coins and green milk. I, not wanting to be a hypocrite, and having eaten a shamrock cookie for breakfast myself, just let it go. Big mistake!
When Landen showed up, Derek had eaten half of the bag, but still decided to share a few with Landen.
Landen got a tour of the havoc that the Leprechauns had caused. And shortly after, Derek threw up all his chocolates in Lisa's car on the way to preschool.
Nex time I think the leprechauns are going to leave golden apples under Derek's pillow, and we will definately skip on the chocolate...and the spin class. I'll just sleep in!


Don, Windy, and Bode said...

I can't wait to have fun like this with Bode. He just doesn't get it yet. We will pass on the chocolate for breakfast though. We have had enough vomit at our house this week to last a while.

Greg & Andrea said...

K that was really funny. but I'm sorry that the boys didn't like the stickers and that poor little Derek got sick off chocolate. Maybe next year the leprechauns should leave Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast.

Tom & Michelle said...

I agree with Andi go for the lucky charms. lol :)

Rachel B said...

Definately Lucky Charms next year!!!

Shelli said...

You are so creative... I will never forget when the leprechan came to my house when my girls were little. They loved it. You are awesome!