Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cash for Sleepovers

Clint and Derek like to have sleepovers on the weekend in the living room. They fall asleep watching one of their favorite movies...currently one of the Star Wars Episodes. Once in a while on a school night, they can have a half sleepover, where they get ready for bed early and after books and teeth brushing, they can watch part of a movie with their pillows and blankets until it is time to go to bed. A few nights ago, I let them have a "quarter" sleepover. About 20 min. of a movie before bed. Tonight Derek asked if they could have a "quarter" sleep over again:

Me: Not tonight Derek. It is late and we have a busy day tomorrow.

Derek: We can't even have a "quarter" sleepover?

Me. Not tonight

Derek: Can we have a "Penny" sleepover then?

Me: (Laughing) What is a "Penny" sleep over?

Derek: It's shorter than a "quarter".

So I let them have a Penny Sleep over. On Friday, Derek says he wants a "Nickle one", or maybe a "dime?" I am still not quite sure how that translates into min. of a movie. I am sure Derek will figure it out and let me know.


Ginni Bingham LeVar said...

Oh the way little kids think! I wish I could look inside the head of mine sometimes.

Laura said...

I love what they come up with! Its funny how if it is their idea they are good with the trick is to make them think it is their idea, right? And I totally forgot about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever...that was such a fun book.

Miranda said...

Love the negotiation!! You're a fun mom.

Greg & Andrea said...

What a cute little boy. I love hearing what little kids can always put a smile on my face.

Tom & Michelle said...

Thats funny.. But I do nickel or dime movies about ever Friday night!! lol I'm so tired by the end of the week thats about all I last!

Shannon said...


Shelli said...

That is too funny, it is so good that you are documenting these cute conversations, cause you would forget them otherwise. Love you.