Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Now that we have crossed the top of the summit of winter, and are on the downhill slope, my mood is starting to improve, and I even feel happy again! Especially on days like today, where we had to take our coats off at the park because it was too hot!

I know summer is still a long ways off, but to celebrate the beginning of the thaw, we decided to pay tribute to some of our summer friends, but making some fun and colorful bugs!
We just used plastic spoons for molds. And mixed up the Plaster of Paris that I have had in my closet since my teaching days. (You can get it at any craft store for just a few dollars).
They dry in less than 30 min. And Derek painted them with acrylic paints. Most of them are ladybugs, in diffrent colors, of course...but we did make a few beetles too.


Janet said...

You do so many fun things, and Derek is so cute!

Greg & Andrea said...

What a cute idea. Although Eva freaks out when she sees a bug so I don't think she would like that craft too much. But perfect for little boys.

Laura said...

So cute! You have the best ideas. I will need to reference these past projects on your blog when Noah is a touch older. It has been soooo nice the last few days!!!

Miranda said...

WOW...what a fabulous idea. Who ever would have thought of making BUGS out of the SPOONS...I know I know...RACHEL...You're amazing!!!