Monday, June 30, 2008

What About Clint???

Well, Clint is enjoying his summer...he just does not like to play with Derek and I they way he used to. Clint has been spending his mornings with us, completing a short list of jobs that include feeding and caring for Rex, completing at least one math worksheet, and practicing guitar. He then is forced to play outside, or ride his bike, because he is not allowed to watch TV or play video games until after 1:30 p.m. (Or else he would do nothing else all day). At least twice a week he is forced to go on a little adventure with Derek and I, and whoever else happens to be over. (Here they are at Temple Quarry). He tries hard not to complain too much about waiting until Derek is done throwing rocks in the river, or about how I will only let him get a small snowcone instead of the super large one. But over all, Clint is a great kid...I just need to remember to get the camera out more often for him...I just was feeling a little guilty for having pictures of Derek everywhere. Somehow, taking pictures of Clint and the Xbox just does not seem to be the most interesting subject for a blog post. But I do promise to get more pictures up of Clint ASAP! (You know I love you Clint!)

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Shelli said...

I almost didnt know if I was on the right blog, the new layout looks great!!! Your boys are so lucky to have such a fun creative mom. Thank you so much for all your love and support to my girls too. I love you all.