Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

12 Things I love about my Dad:

1. Material things were never important. I remember him telling David and I when he caught us doing dives off the top of the piano onto the couch to move the couch closer to the piano so we wouldn't get hurt.

2. He is where Clint's musical genes come from.

3. He is a kid at heart.

4. He is a very hard worker and always took care of us and did what ever was necessary. I think he had 2 jobs for most of time I was at home. He taught all of us to be good workers.

5. He loves animals, and animals love him. Even spiders and Bees. I remember him getting a wasp out of a swimming pool and letting it crawl all over his hand. Of course it didn't sting him.

6. He believes in Santa Claus.

7. He is funny.

8. He taught us the gospel.

9. He and Mom are very giving and loving...he would give anyone the shirt off his back...and he and mom have helped countless people in ways they couldn't afford...and were always blessed.

10. He gave all of his daughters a model of what to look for in a good husband.

11. He was worthy and able to use the Priesthood whenever it was necessary.

12. He is one of the most humble and sweet people I have ever known, and I am so grateful that he is my Dad.

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Shelli said...

Darling pictures!!