Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It seems like overnight Derek has gone from my cute little guy to a big boy. He no longer loves Thomas the Tank Engine, or Blues Clues, or any of those other sweet little things. It seems like the moment he turned three, he has wanted to play with nothing else but Power Rangers and Transformers. He is getting down some of the Power Ranger moves, and he can already put a Bionicle together. It seemed like Clint was at least 4 when he discovered Power Rangers. Of course Derek's youngest best friend is Braxton, who is 7! He thinks all of Clint's friends are his friends. I am happy that he is growing into a good boy...but I find myself in mourning over the loss of interest in Curious George and Tigger and Pooh. At least he still loves Toy Story and Woody and Buzz...at least for now.

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