Thursday, February 21, 2008

I would love to see everyones list of things they love, or things that just make them happy. We should all take a some time each day enjoying something that makes us really happy...regardless of how materialistic or unimportant it may seem. I would have never spent the money myself for an ipod...but when Jeff gave it to me for our 13th anniversary...It became one of my favortie possessions. I love it and I listen to it almost every day.
I also love my camera because it has brought my memories and people I love close for so many years.
I love to get lost in the aisles of Barnes and Nobel and I honestly believe that just being in the store makes your IQ go up a few points.
As for Cafe Rio and See's's obvious!
Disneyland reminds me of my hopes and Dreams when I was a little girl...and helps me to look at things as they could be...
American History is amazing. So many heroic people in our countries past.
I love that I can watch my favorite movies whenever I want thanks to the DVD player. Sometimes you just need to get lost in the sights and sounds of a good story.
It's American Idol season again. I really do love Simon. He makes the show.
And of course my sweet family means the world to me.
So...If you would like to share a few lists of your own...I would love to read them and maybe remember some other things that I haven't already thought of that make us happy to be alive.

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