Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Candy Science

Derek and Clint scored some major candy this year. But enough is enough. Especially when I grab something everytime I pass their stashes. I can't help myself. If it's there, I have to take it.

In an effort to go through it and get it out of the house, for my benefit, I talked Derek into doing some science with it. Clint doesn't really go for the fun projects as much anymore...but Derek and I needed his candy. $.10 a piece? It cost me $5 to have him sift through his bucket and hand over all of the non-chocolate items. Not bad.

How does candy react in different situations and with different substances? We didn't know if we would get to many reactions... there is only 1 way to find out.

Nothing reacted with our acids...however, the M&M's make beautifully colored spots when wet and left on a paper towel.

And Tootsie pops melt faster in water than Blow Pops. Pixie Sticks make the prettiest colors in water. And Whoppers float!

We were sure that smarties would melt before sweetarts...and they did.

We were really happy to see that Lemon heads, when melted, did react with our base, and fizzed up quite nicely!
Nothing else did, so we put baking soda and vinegar in the pan and made it fizz ourselves.
And what happens with candy and heat? We tried out the microwave.
And watched the Crabby Patty get HUGE, and everything else melted...except for the didn't even get hot in the microwave. Very interesting.

Gross, but interesting!


Ginni said...

What a fun experiment! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better, hands-on mom.

Laura said...

What a fun science project...and great way to get rid of some of the extra candy!!

Tom & Michelle said...

All I have to say again is SUPER MOM!

Greg & Andrea said...

How do you even come up with these ideas? What a fun way to rid of some of that candy. Although if you guys need any help I would be glad to take some of the chocolate off your hands. :)

Don, Windy, and Bode said...

Good idea...I am going to remember that for the future.

Shannon said...

Clever Rachel. I will ask the boys if we can do this with their candy. The boys were so happy at their cousins thanks for being such a great Auntie.

Rita said...

What an awesome "idea Mom" you are!

prashant said...

What a fun science project.

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