Monday, March 9, 2009


It is funny how children are born with their own personalities. As any parent with more that one child can tell. And personalities are evident through reading choices. I have a weakness for children's books, and have quite a collection. A good portion of my teaching salary before I became a mom went into my own personal library. It has been worth every penny as both of my children love books as much as I do. It is just funny to see such a difference in reading preferences.

Clint, who has just always been really smart and sensitive, loved to read the Franklin series. Franklin is so sweet and the books are about a perfect community and a perfect childhood. I also love the Franklin Books. They are touching and wonderful.
Derek, who is much more independent and silly, loves stories that are a little unsettling. He loves books that are a little scary. Huggly is a monster who lives under the bed. The series is all about the tunnel system that exists under every one's beds that leads to the monster world. The monsters are afraid of people, and the stories are funny, but definitely not warm and fuzzy like Franklin.
Clint has moved on to big kid books, Harry Potter and the Series of Unfortunate Events, Artimus Fowl and The Eddie Dickins Trilogy. He now enjoys books that are funny and a little quirky, and imaginative, with a good message. He still does not like anything scary....With Derek, I am a little worried...Am I going to have to finally put up with that stupid Goosebump series?

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Greg & Andrea said...

it is so funny how all kids are so different. Derek seems a little more like how I was when it came to books and yes I will have to admit that I did like a few of those Goosebump books. So look out!