Saturday, September 27, 2008

7 quirks

Thanks for the tag, Michelle:
Hopefully you all don't think that I am too crazy. :)
  1. I have tweezers in my car...and I use them. It seems like I always need them when I look in the mirror, and the light in the car is amazing.
  2. I see people's names in letters, and count each letter automatically, and they have to end in an even number, or I recount them again so they do end equal...It's not as bad as it used to be.
  3. I collect and have binders and files full of kids craft projects and activities, and it is all very organized, but it is the only aspect of my life that is.
  4. I stress eat, and I love carbs and sugar, but hate being over weight.
  5. I hate wearing socks.
  6. I hate cleaning, and hate having a messy I am pretty much depressed about my house all the time, it is either too messy, or I have to clean. And I like to make messes. Of course there are those rare days when I have just cleaned my entire house, and am happy for at least a day or two. (I think I see some kind of a pattern here with #4, and this one.)
  7. I love the sound and smell of fresh garlic sizzling in olive oil.

I tag everyone reading this!


Greg & Andrea said...

Aunt Rachel your funny. The name thing is really funny. Do you see everything in letters or just names? i heard that if you hear a word and see it spelled out instead of a picture it means your a good speller. I see all words in a picture like if you say dog I see a dog not the word. I guess thats why I'm the worst speller.

Rachel B said...

I don't see letters, and am not a good speller, but I group the letters into sets of twos...and it is usually just names, like "Cl-in-t, which is odd, so then I re-count it like this: "Cl-in-tC-li-nt. I know. It's crazy.

Lisa said...

wow. I didn't know that about the spelling/counting. That IS quirky! :o) I am sure I can come up 7 about me. Give me a day or two.

Amber said...

I love reading about these quirks! And I want to come over and take a look at some of your craft binders. I need good ideas and you always have great ones.

Shelli said...

Sh-el-li, perfect! No wonder I'm your favorite sister!!

Miranda said...

M.I.R.A.N.DA...does that work?

Interesting facts...I had no idea. I'm making my list of 7 quirks...I'll get those right up!

But only 7 quirks...isn't that an ODD number??

Laura said...

Is the seeing letters thing like your 6th sense? (like you know how there are people who can see sound or taste shapes...) No wonder you are so good with remembering peoples names. (ie Austin- A is for apple, apples are red, and Austin has red hair) You rock!

jillybean22 said...

Ha, ha ! I totally keep tweezers in my car too. The light is the best, plus it just saves time.